The latest news and updates

Jan 6, 2015-- Honored to be appointed an affiliate scholar with Stanford Law School's Center for Internet and Society.

Jan 5, 2015-- Very excited to have joined the Committee on Electronic Information and Communication of the International Mathematical Union.

June 16, 2014-- Video of my talk on Reproducibility in Big Data from the Privacy, Big Data, and the Public Good: Frameworks for Engagement book launch at the New York Academy of Sciences.

June 23, 2014-- Our book is published! Privacy, Big Data, and the Public Good: Frameworks for Engagement, Julia Lane, Victoria Stodden, Stefan Bender, and Helen Nissenbaum (editors).

May 7, 2014-- Our book is published! Implementing Reproducible Research is a co-edited volume in the CRC R Series with Roger Peng and Fritz Leisch. Lots on tools, platforms, and policy.

May 7, 2014-- My response to the Edge Annual Question. This year it was "What Scientific Idea is Ready for Retirement?" I argue here that we need a more nuanced understanding of the term "Reproducibility." (edit: now published in the book This Idea Must Die)

March 5, 2013-- Press Release from the Congressional Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, Subcommittee Discusses Benefits of Open Access to Research Data and Challenges in Implementation.

Feb 8, 2013--"Set the Default to 'Open': Reproducible Science in the Computer Age," David Bailey and Jon Borwein report on our December workshop in the Huffington Post.

Mar 11, 2012-- I've succumb to vanity - who wouldn't at being called awesome by two people in one blog post? Digifesto's Another rant about academia and open source.

Jan 26, 2012-- Speaking at NASA in NYC tomorrow on reproducibility in climate science

Jan 12, 2012-- My answer to the Edge Annual Question is up. What is your favorite deep, elegant, or beautiful explanation? "Fact, Fiction, and Our Probabilistic World."

Nov 25, 2011-- Interviewed on Open Science by the Digital Curation Center in advance of their upcoming conference: "IDCC11 Preview: An interview with Victoria Stodden | Digital Curation Centre."

Nov 11, 2011-- My YouTube channel is live! and so is a new "video" section on my webpage (see the menubar on the left).

Nov 4, 2011-- Interviewed by Simply Statistics.

Sep 8, 2011-- I was awarded an NSF grant to study "Policy Design for Reproducibility and Data Sharing in Computational Science." Very happy.

Aug 31, 2011-- Webpage up for workshop on tools for computational research: (includes talk videos!).

May 19, 2011-- Honored to be appointed to NSF's Advisory Committee for Cyberinfrastructure.

May 12, 2011-- Speaking at Caltech today, in their Physics Research Conference Series, in the same room that Richard Feynman gave the Feynman lectures. My talk slides are here: "Technology and the Scientific Method: Tools and Policies for Addressing the Credibility Crisis in Computational Science."

May 5, 2011-- At the Harvard Digital Scholarship Summit. I'm on panel with Clay Shirky and Sayeed Choudhury. My talk slides are here, if you're interested.

Mar 27, 2011-- On my way to a data policy panel discussion at the National Science Board in Washington D.C.

Mar 21, 2011-- I'm a panelist on Data Transparency at the Open Gov R&D Summit organized by the Whitehouse.

Mar 13, 2011-- My Ideas Diary has come online. I'd love for these problems to be solved, answers to these questions found. Let me know if you'd like to collaborate.

Mar 11, 2011-- I'm at a National Academies workshop on The Future of Scientific Knowledge Discovery in Open Networked Environments and folks are struggling with how to move open data to a core value within the current practice of science. I was charged with commenting on how the peer-review process plays into this: my slides are here.

Mar 4, 2011-- I spoke at a mini-symposium at the SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering called Verifiable, Reproducible Research and Computational Science. My talk is "Intellectual Contributions to Digitized Science: Implementing the Scientific Method" - here are the slides.

Feb 23, 2011-- My event page for the AAAS symposium on Reproducible Research is now up: It includes talk abstracts, slides, audio, and pictures.